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Welcome to Little Square Capital. I'm very pleased you're considering one of our solutions. My team and I will be happy to provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Little Square Capital is a UK-based financial services firm focused on providing outsourced research and analytics services to the Financial Services industry.

Our Mission

Through objective, data-driven equity research, we strive to provide valuable insights, unique perspectives, and sustainable solutions that create value for all stakeholders.

What we do

We provide trustworthy and forward-thinking issuer-pays and contracted equity research services. 

We are dedicated to delivering valuable insights, unique perspectives, and actionable recommendations to help our clients achieve their financial, marketing, and communication goals.

Invest in your success today. Contact us for the solution you need to drive growth.

Investor Corporate Access

Investor Access

Our personalised support and tailored solutions help leading investment firms analyse investment opportunities and navigate capital markets with confidence.

Equity Research

We provide data-driven insights that uncover industry trends, capital structures, investment opportunities and consider financial and societal impact.

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