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We're determined to make your business successful in securing access to investors, crafting your success narrative, and positioning you for strategic capital raising.

Why Little Square Capital

Unlock tailored equity research, corporate access, and capital raising services for SMEs and Investment Companies. With a combined 50 years of experience, our founders have a differentiated network, and track record in crafting compelling narratives across continents!

Since 2020, Little Square Capital has  been your go-to B2B financial services partner, disrupting the norm and propelling businesses to success. With a focus on innovation and tailored solutions, our seasoned team is here to redefine corporate finance, providing the edge your enterprise needs. Join us in shaping a future where your financial success is our priority.

In the pursuit of financial excellence, we’ve chosen to do things a little differently. Our independent ownership and directly authorised model make us accountable only to our clients. We believe our clients’ challenges require an integrated approach to research, corporate access, and capital solutions design across asset classes. Our collaborative culture and inclusive meritocratic style leverages experienced intellectual capital to drive entrepreneurial success.

SMEs are challenged to stand out from the crowd. Our team will provide you with everything you need to succeed.


Little Square Capital empowers companies to connect and communicate with existing and new investors. We deliver differentiated corporate access opportunities to institutional and alternative shareholders across public and non-traditional assets. 

Little Square Capital provide trustworthy and forward-thinking issuer-pays and contracted equity research solutions. We offer objective, data-driven equity research, with valuable insights, unique perspectives, and detailed analysis that hold value for all stakeholders. 

Little Square Capital offers powerful capabilities for companies to connect with institutional investors, private market firms, investment companies, and family offices active in direct investments. We help companies access investors and navigate capital markets with confidence.

Ready to elevate your company's standing? Unlock your path to prosperity.




Little Square Capital
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