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People and partnerships

Our people and partnerships collectively connect companies with wider pools of capital – across regions, and institutional, family office, and socially responsible investors groups.

Not only do we facilitate communication and interaction, but we also provide investors with quality, in-depth and considered investment research on listed and unlisted companies. All research is executed by highly experienced and valued analysts, enhancing credibility and trust.

Our Teams and Partnerships

Meet your expert team: the architects of your success. Little Square Capital combines a seasoned team of Banking, Equity Sales, ESG, and Investment Research professionals crafting personalised solutions for your financial journey.

We prioritise understanding your business and objectives.

Our team takes pride in our flexibility and integrity, and our client-focused, partnering approach. We look to partner with high-quality financial services allies internationally to extend and improve our reach and service deliverability.

Founders & Senior Officers
Johan Rode

Johan Rode

Co-Founder and CEO

Johan manages the overall business, with key focus on business development investment research and capital introductions.

Kalinka Andjelopolj

Kalinka Andjelopolj

Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer

Kalinka manages relationships with institutional investors, and leads impact solutions.

Antonio Curia our people partnerships

Antonio Curia

Special Advisor

Antonio supports Corporate Access and provides advice to the Renewables, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Real Asset sectors.

Dr. Natasha Gibson

Sustainability Investments Specialist

Natasha is an expert consultant in exploration and environmental research studies and supports sustainability communications.

We employ and work with determined people and partnerships that focus on client service and long-term value creation, while generously contributing to their communities. Our goal is to invest and incentivise high-performance people to maximise their individual potential and increase their knowledge and commercial effectiveness.

Work with us

We strive to be a multicultural team, as we believe diverse views enhance our competitive strengths. We are an entrepreneurial firm and look for exceptional talent, with a sceptical, knowledge-challenging mindset, to join our firm.

Little Square Capital provides access to it’s own network to connect companies to existing and new investors. Enhance your market perception, navigate markets effectively to  position your strategy appropriately to attract new and retain existing investors.

We also collaborate with specialists in certain investor segments to deliver differentiated corporate access opportunities across public and non-traditional assets.

Little Square Capital provide trustworthy and forward-thinking issuer-pays and Contracted equity research solutions. Our seasoned team delivers in-depth, data-driven insights for CFOs and Investors seeking differentiated analysis and actionable insights.

We collaborate with data analysts, fund, and sustainability specialists to provide contracted support for investors and offer unique perspectives with value for all stakeholders.

The Capital Markets division of Little Square Capital strives to provide clients with a variety of Private Placements that are related to our core competencies of mining, energy, technology metals, real estate, industrial gases, and Investment Companies.

We also collaborate with specialists in other asset classes or geographies to ensure the marketing and distribution of opportunities secures the widest suitable access.

Collaborate and Elevate

Our approach is grounded in fostering strong collaborations, elevating both individuals and organisations to new heights. Our initiative focuses on the transformative impact that collaborative efforts can have in the delivery of corporate solutions. We unite insights, talents, and experiences in a people-driven initiative dedicated to achieving excellence.

Current Cooperators and Collaborators

We strive to be a multicultural team, as we believe diverse people and partnerships enhance our competitive strengths. We are an entrepreneurial firm and look for exceptional talent, with a sceptical, knowledge-challenging mindset, to join our firm.

Key Information on People and Partnerships

Explore how our people and partnerships unlock synergies in our pursuit of reciprocal alliances. This initiative is about creating a dynamic force that collaboratively achieves outstanding results.


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