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Global Helium Industry Review - 2024

By Johan Rode

Soaring Supply Secured

The inaugural edition of the Global Helium Industry Review offers a comprehensive update on investment, market trends, technological advancements, and policy developments within the helium sector for 2023, along with insights into the evolving landscape up to 2030.

In a world where helium shortages are perceived as a consequence of limited resources, the energy transition away from coal to gas and geopolitical and economic conflicts, such as the ban on pipeline-supplied gas in favour of Liquefied Natural Gas, and new small scale extractions plants, are driving a surge in helium supply. Additionally, the exploration and development of new helium-rich gas fields around the world are impacting known helium resources.

Our industry report also delves into the intricate processes of helium extraction, the challenges of maintaining a stable supply chain, and the potential impact of emerging technologies and sources on the market. Gain valuable insights into how the industry is securing a steady supply amidst changing global dynamics. Discover the challenges of helium transportation and storage, and draw inferences to the implications of the term “Hydrogen Economy”.

The Global Helium Industry Review 2024 report offers an in-depth look at the current state and future prospects of demand and supply in the global helium market. Our examination encompasses the expanding helium supply, market dynamics, and strategic measures adopted to address soaring prices.

Global Helium Industry Review

The review is complemented by a detailed review of historical helium industry pricing, analysis of production and the supply chain, storage complexities and even environmental challenges. We also identify key helium industry participants, outline the details of the history of the helium industry, helium’s properties and applications, and briefly compare helium to the other noble gases and hydrogen.


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