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Regulatory and Other Disclosures​

Welcome to our Disclosures Hub

We are dedicated to fostering clear communication and understanding between our organization and valued clients. Meticulously crafted, our disclosures ensure you are well-informed and confident in collaborating with us.

At Little Square Capital, we consider integrity and compliance as paramount. You will find this commitment reflected in the detailed information provided here. We encourage you to explore these resources for a deeper understanding of our legal foundations and the guiding principles that govern our interactions with external partners.

Should questions arise, feel free to reach out to our dedicated legal team. We’re here to ensure you’re well-informed and confident in collaboration.


These disclosures serve the purpose of ensuring transparency, protecting stakeholders, and upholding legal and regulatory compliance. By providing stakeholders with clear and comprehensive information, these disclosures contribute to a transparent and accountable business environment. They form the basis for legal compliance and are instrumental in building trust with clients, investors, and regulatory authorities.

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If questions arise, our legal team stands ready to provide the clarity you seek.

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