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Frauds & Scams​


Little Square Capital is aware that the names of its employees and their individual reference numbers have been falsely used to validate frauds and scams through emails, letters and other documents.

These frauds and scams aim to illegally obtain money or personal details by fraudulently claiming that Little Square Capital’s employees represent the European Banking Authority (EBA) and have a role in approving cryptocurrency transactions to and from the European Union (EU).

These illegitimate correspondences typically include illegitimate use of Little Square Capital’s employee details, such as:

  • Personal Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reference numbers
  • Personal Name Details

Recipients would typically be asked to provide personal information by the following methods:

  • Cryptocurrency transfers
  • Identity verification to allow financial transfers.

Any correspondence that requests private information should be treated with caution. If you receive dubious or obviously fraudulent requests, do not access any links or reply or provide personal information. Little Square Capital does not take responsibility for any losses arising in response to such correspondence.

If you have doubts or suspicions about the authenticity of any correspondence you receive claiming to be from the European Banking Authority (EBA) or linked to Little Square Capital or its representatives, please forward the offending emails as an attachment to At the same time, we would advise you to forward the offending emails as an attachment to your national public body/ies responsible for investigating financial frauds and scams.

If you would like further details regarding any Fraud or Scam where we may be involved, please contact Little Square Capital.

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