The Sentinel

A series of Articles on Investment Considerations

March 2023

What we invest in now will affect the world our children inherit. The concept of intertemporality - that our actions today will impact the future, is well understood.

But are we willing to acknowledge that the investments made in the not too distant past impacted the market structures and how we allocate resources today?

That colonial investments were made to adhere to ethical standards?

And it is crucially important that we learn more, so that we can draw the links between historical "agreements", including those of a geopolitical nature, and current practices.

So that in a not too distant future, we can hold our heads high, and say that a few didn't just grab as much as they could at the expense of others... and be proud of the world our children inherit.

Over the next several editions, we aim to not only critique the legacies of colonialism apparent in "sustainability" practices of today, but to steer a path for responsible investors that are not only targeting "sustainability" of yield.

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