What we do

Little Square Capital is a rapidly expanding UK-based corporate research and advisory boutique, providing due diligence support, industry and company analyses, credit and equity research, valuation analysis, and statistics-based analytics services.

Our Products and Services

With our network of partners, our clients and customers have access to the resources and reach of a unified partnership. Little Square Capital is highly regarded in the global financial services industry as a leader in high quality research and analytical services for bankers, financial analysts and institutional investors.

Investment Research

We offer issuer-pays equity research for companies listed in the UK, and contracted outsourced research services.

Analytics Services

We offer analytics support, strategies, and consulting services to CEOs, CFOs, Investors, and Consultants.

How do we work - Investment Research

Secure an objective, sound and credible analysis of your target company's financial performance, to credibly communicate your equity story to institutional investors and close their knowledge gap.

How do we work - Analytics Services

Enrich your decision-making processes through innovative, accurate, and timely research using python-driven automation, data collection, processing, and high-end analytical skills.

Who we work with

Our current investment and equity research activities are focused on companies active in SIX KEY SECTORS. But we are constantly looking to grow. Talk to one of our associates to see whether your sector qualifies for coverage.


Technology Metals

Industrial Gases

Investment Companies


Infrastructure & Logistics

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