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We're determined to make your business successful in securing access to investors, crafting your success narrative, and positioning you for strategic capital raising.

Why Capital Advisory Solutions​ for SMEs?

Financial solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are pivotal. SMEs constitute the majority of businesses worldwide and serve as vital contributors to job generation and economic progress. Limited access to finance remains a significant barrier to SME growth. We support our clients by providing exclusive corporate access, custom equity research, and strategic capital raising solutions.

What we do!

Welcome to Little Square Capital. We offer financial solutions key to the survival and strategic growth of small and medium-sized businesses. As a leading UK-based financial services firm, we offer a suite of bespoke corporate solutions designed to address your unique challenges and aspirations.

Our Financial Solutions

Within our network of partners, we empower our customers with the resources and reach of a much larger comparable firm. As part of our Corporate Financial Services, Little Square Capital collaborates with leaders in the global financial services industry. Our focus is on producing high-quality equity research, delivering differentiated corporate access, and providing specialist capital raising solutions.

Navigating the competitive corporate landscape can be challenging. Little Square Capital breaks these barriers, ensuring unrestricted growth for your company.

We specialise in helping companies, both public and private, connect with investors, establish and maintain relationships, and access a broader range of capital.

Our Investor Access strategies are crafted to alleviate the challenges of investor relations, promoting your investment case with precision.

Navigate the financial landscape with confidence. Little Square Capital’s independent issuer-pays equity research eliminates conflicts of interest, providing unbiased insights for sound decision-making.

Our Equity Research practices ensure objective, independent, rational, and credible analysis, designed to be contrarian and free from conflicts of interest, political or personal influence.

Raising capital can be complex. Our Capital Markets solutions provide the intelligence, advice, and connections needed to ensure your company secures investments with confidence. We specialise in helping both quoted and private companies raise capital through private placements.

We provide the intelligence and connections needed to secure the right type and sources of capital.

Who We Work With

Discover the industries we serve. In delivering financial solutions, we are sector-agnostic in Corporate Access and Capital Raising, however, our Equity Research activities currently focus on six key sectors.

Explore how we strategically impact industries such as Renewables, Technology Metals, Industrial Gases, Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Investment Companies.

Key Industries of Focus

Our research focus currently is on a few industries active in the real economy. Companies in these sectors play pivotal roles in economic development and are integral to the functioning of societies. They offer investment opportunities with unique characteristics, and their performance is influenced by a combination of economic, geopolitical, and environmental factors.

Corporate Solutions like Renewable Technology Research
A dynamic sector focused on sustainable energy production, reducing reliance on non-renewable resources, and mitigating environmental impact.
Corporate Solutions like Technology Metals Research
Technology Metals
A group of metals that play a pivotal role in the manufacturing of electronic devices, renewable energy technologies, and electric vehicles.
Corporate Solutions like Industrial Gases Research
Industrial Gases
Our focus is on producers and distributors of hydrogen and helium that are crucial in various industrial processes and applications, and their supply chains.
Financial Solutions include Real Estate Vehicle Equity Research
Real Estate
Entities buying, selling, and developing land, buildings, and properties covering multi-family-residential residential, commercial, and industrial properties.
Financial Solutions like Listed Infrastructure Equity Research
Listed Infrastructure
We work with publicly traded companies that own and operate essential physical assets such as airports, roads, ports, bridges, and utilities.
Financial Solutions like Investment Company Equity Research
Investment Vehicles
Investment companies are entities that pool capital from multiple investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, real estate, or other securities.

Amplify Market Perception:

Elevate your corporate profile with our financial solutions, corporate access, issuer-pays equity research, contracted research, or capital raising solutions. Our financial solutions are tailored to highlight your key strengths, driving positive market perception and enhance your corporate profile.

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Connect with us today. Little Square Capital is not just about corporate solutions; it’s about building relationships that last. Your financial empowerment starts with a conversation. You can either schedule a call directly in our calendar, or provide us more details for a proper follow-up.


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