Analytical Solutions

Little Square Capital provides advisory and alternative analytical solutions to institutional investors, private equity funds, and investment companies. Our philosophy is to help clients realise their goals through close collaboration and long-term commitment. 

We deeply believe in the value of partnership and alignment of interests.

We understand your challenges! 

We deliver differentiated basic analytical investment solutions to identify the critical factors and catalysts that drive investment performance in your investment universe.

Our Approach

We help our investment advisory partners to achieve long-term growth in shareholder value by advising on investments that consider both the capacity for superior returns and risk profiles. We are independent, providing a confidential, unconflicted, strategic investment consulting service.

Step 1: Analysing the target industry, observing growth trends and the potential impact of government regulations.

Step 2: Analysis of competitive position, reviewing factors such as market share and product innovation.

Step 3: Financial statement analysis, to understand revenue and profit trends, as well as cash flow and balance sheet position.

Step 4: Financial modelling to assess historical financial performance and to determine intrinsic value.

Step 5: Write-up of findings into a report, and publication on our website, and communication of the information, which includes an investment recommendation, to hedge funds, asset managers, and other institutional investors.

Why Choose Little Square Capital?

Little Square Capital only works with a select few clients to provide objective analytical solutions and investment research designed to meet long-term investment goals and financial objectives while considering risk and returns.

Benefits for Investors

What happens after you choose Little Square Capital?

Whether you are looking to analyse a specific company, or evaluate an overall investment strategy, Little Square Capital, will work with you to formalise a strategic contract outlining our services in context of your requirements.

We then either engage dedicated analysis personnel, or provide a selection of service solutions from which you can choose for your business.

We believe by focusing on the key areas of competitive advantage, financial performance, and superior communication, we can enhance your ability to preserve capital and grow your business.


We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss whether we may be able to help with your investment analysis.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.