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We craft customised capital raising solutions for SMEs

We connect promising companies seeking to improve their financial profile to investors.

Capital raising solutions is pivotal for businesses seeking to fuel growth, expand operations, or embark on new ventures. Whether sourced from corporations, venture capitalists, or angel investors, capital infusion offers a myriad of benefits that go beyond mere financial support. But in most businesses, it is typically the founder, often a person with more technical problem solving skills, rather than sales or marketing expertise, who has to lead on the capital raising.

The key challenge for companies is investor lead generation; finding an investor that suits your business, and getting your foot in the door.

While your business needs to align with the investor’s preferences on Control, Team, Geography, Industry, Size, Valuation, and Traction, you may still have a mismatch on other factors, such as timing, or structure of the investment. There is no secret approach, no short-cut, or single strategy, and no special tactic that will suddenly make capital raising easy. You need to identify your key competitive strengths, and and the right audience that will give you serious consideration.

Position you to access the right sources of capital

We see a consistent and growing need for education and connections between companies and investors. We help you find investors that are likely to understand your investment case and have a natural interest in it. This means helping you position your exit or capital raise by identifying the most suitable types of investors, helping you focus your investment of energy, and to customise your marketing materials for the group which is most likely to invest.

We do not work with start-ups, but rather with experienced business owners looking for the next phase for their company or the next phase for themselves. If you are a company that are looking to raise capital for a value between $10M and $1B, we will help you define your investor focus to improve your investor targeting.

Data Requirements - Startups

A table of Data-Requirements for Startups looking for Capital Raising Solutions

Data Requirements - SMEs

Larer companies have a different set of regulatory requirements to implement capital raising solutions

Welcome to Little Square Capital

At Little Square Capital, we are team who’ve had extensive training, education, and experience at bulge-bracket firms, and are committed to providing customised solutions tailored to our clientele. Based in the UK, our seasoned team specialises in facilitating exit opportunities for founders looking to change paths.

Our Capital Raising Solutions

Capital raising solutions encompass a wide range of activities, including:

Equity Capital Raising Support:

  • From £1 million to £250 million, we offer expert assistance in syndication, private placements, and liquidity solutions, connecting you with a global network of institutional and professional investors.

Private Capital:

  • Whether you require private equity or private credit raising, we provide strategic guidance and support throughout the process.

Public Markets:

  • We arrange secondary (private) share placements and convertible loans, ensuring seamless transactions in the public arena.

Corporate Agent Services:

  • Our team offers invaluable equity market relationship advice and market intelligence to steer your corporate endeavours in the right direction.

Investor Relations support:

  • From corporate access events to diligent follow-up, we foster strong connections between you and potential investors, enhancing your investment readiness and improving liquidity.

Equity Research solutions:

  • We craft compelling, differentiated sponsored equity research reports that inform and present your investment case in an objective and credible context.

We go beyond conventional financing approaches, increasing the likelihood of securing investments and improving liquidity. Our services include business plan refinement, financial model development, investment presentation enhancement, governance structure advice, commissioned equity research, corporate access facilitation, and comprehensive capital raising support.

Typical Clients:

We cater to small, junior, and medium-sized companies seeking market coverage, growth, and development financing. Additionally, we assist experienced large-scale real estate development management teams in securing project finance and support private family offices in real estate asset acquisition or disposal. Cash flow-producing companies seeking large-scale growth financing also benefit from our expertise.

Partner with Us

At Little Square Capital, we serve as your trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of capital markets, ensuring that your financial potential is not just realised but optimised to its fullest extent.

Our Commitment

At Little Square Capital, we understand the challenges that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face when it comes to raising capital for growth and expansion. That’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive and tailored capital raising solutions designed to empower both private and public SMEs to achieve their financial goals and unlock their full potential. Little Square Capital is here to help you navigate the complexities of capital raising with confidence.


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