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We create custom corporate access solutions for smaller and mid-cap companies

We connect investors with promising companies seeking to enhance their corporate profiles.

What does a corporate access manager do?

Corporate access involves facilitating communication and interaction between corporate management teams and investors. Corporate access teams frequently assist companies in identifying and targeting various institutional investors, delineating their unique investment approach and style. They also uncover new sources of capital for these companies and gather feedback from investors following meetings.

Facilitating Client-Corporate Connections

Welcome to Little Square Capital, a leading adviser facilitating private and public equity capital access.  Our Corporate Access team offers comprehensive consultative and logistical support to unite institutional investors and corporate entities worldwide. Our targeted event portfolio includes roadshows, themed conferences, conference calls, and customised trips.

We conduct shareholder analysis, recommend schedules and provide intelligence on potential investors, to ensure our clients derive maximum value from their participation. Our team also maintains ongoing communication with corporate investor relations officers, monitoring market perceptions, and potential IR opportunities to enhance our clients’ experience.

Evolving Dynamics in Corporate Access

The implementation of MiFID II regulations in Europe marked a pivotal change in corporate access dynamics. Fund managers must directly pay for corporate access, altering the approach to investor engagement. Our seamless Corporate Access service aims to elevate investor awareness and connect companies with a broad audience of investment professionals.

Corporate access is pivotal, fostering informed decision-making, building robust relationships, and enhancing transparency between investors and company management. Navigating the intricacies of modern investor engagement requires a deep understanding of corporate access nuances.

Definition and Purpose of Corporate Access

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, companies, whether listed or private, must go beyond mere existence. They need strategic visibility and engagement to stand out. Corporate access acts as a powerful tool, bridging institutional investors and company management teams.

Corporate access teams assist companies in:

    • Identifying and targeting diverse institutional investors.

    • Exploring new capital sources.

    • Collecting feedback post-meetings.

This service isn’t just a facilitator; it’s a transformative strategy offering transparency for companies to engage with existing and new investors.

Navigating Modern Investor Engagement

Investor access’s goal is to facilitate communication between investors and company executives, allowing informed investment decisions. Key to understanding corporate access is grasping associated concepts, players, and purposes.

Connecting Companies and Institutional Investors

Facilitating direct interactions between investors and company executives fosters in-depth discussions and transparent channels for informed decisions.

Players Involved:

Corporate access providers connect institutional investors with companies. Their services include traditional conferences, one-on-one meetings, video calls, webinars, and roadshows.

Services and Activities:

These include various conference formats, non-deal roadshows, reverse roadshows, ‘fire-side’ chats, video conference calls, or webinars.

What We Do

Little Square Capital, a corporate access provider, aids companies in identifying institutional investors, discovering new capital, and gathering crucial feedback.

We help you communicate with investors in a clear, compliant, and impactful manner that increases long-term value for your company.

The Process

Building expertise across the global investor base is expensive. Identification, targeting, and development of engagement strategies are crucial. We identify possible investors, target them based on your feedback, and agree on engagement allocation for maximum strategic benefits.

The Benefits of Independent Corporate Access

Independent providers like Little Square Capital offer unbiased guidance, specialized expertise, flexibility, and customization in tailoring strategies. They prioritize objective engagement, provide cost-effective solutions, adapt to changing trends, and reduce conflicts of interest.

The Advantages of Equity Research Coverage

Institutional investors demand more than mere promotion, but a structured approach to support corporate access. Equity research coverage is crucial, especially in markets dominated by more mature institutional investors.

Little Square Capital offers standalone Corporate Access and inclusive Corporate Solutions where Corporate Access and Equity Research is combined, seamlessly blending our strengths with your preferred solution.

Advantages of Standalone Sustainability Corporate Access:

ESG-focused roadshows convey a company’s ESG agenda. Separate sustainability-focused interactions offer a deeper understanding of integrated ESG factors, contributing to better decision-making in this evolving trend of advanced ESG communication.

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