Equity Research Services

We partner with institutional investors, investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds and corporations to provide analysis of industries, or a company’s financial performance through financial modelling, evaluation, and analysis.

We project company’s future financial performance, and write reports that increase investor awareness and maintains liquidity in our corporate clients’ shares.

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Our services are bespoke to every client’s needs, however, typically our service includes

Our service is complemented by whole-market distribution, and UK and European corporate access services.

An independent equity research report provides an objective, sound, and credible analysis of a company's financial performance, as well as its growth prospects and potential risks. Investors use these reports to make informed investment decisions.

Investment bankers use this equity research to support their clients’ capital-raising plans, mergers and acquisitions, and other strategic initiatives. 

Why Choose Little Square Capital?

Little Square Capital and its partners provide objective research and rational recommendations that assist you to meet your company's stakeholder goals and financial objectives while considering risk and return over the long term. With partners in India, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand, Little Square Capital has the depth and breadth of experience to deliver timely, detailed, and bespoke services to our global clients.

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Benefits for Investors

Benefits for Companies

Benefits for the Market


Independent objective equity research is not only for institutional investors or suitable for large companies

Equity research can provide valuable insights into the financial performance of companies of all sizes and stages of development, allowing company executives to better understand the factors that impact the company's value. Companies with equity research coverage are often viewed as more attractive investments, leading to higher valuations and more favourable investment terms.

What happens after you choose Little Square Capital?

Data Collection and Analysis

Industry and Company Analysis

Financial Modelling and Projection

Report Writing and Communication

We believe that investment solutions designed with the intention to deliver measurable, positive social, and environmental benefit, alongside a financial return is the future of capital markets. We want businesses to be more accountable for their impacts on society and the environment, both positive and negative. 

Vision of the Future

We believe investors and companies are in an alliance. This partnership should incentivise and implement strategic plans that drive appropriate CAPITAL ALLOCATION according to a set of CLEAR RULES that are DETERMINED by all stakeholders, including NGOs, investors and Local Communities.

Equity research can help shape the allocation of capital by companies, ensuring that it is aligned with key stakeholder demands for an improved impact on society and the environment, in context of increased awareness of standards and expectations incorporated in policies and regulations, and by encouraging companies to align their incentives with the broader interests of all stakeholders, to deliver sustainable long term returns.